Costa Rica Declares State of National Emergency – March 17, 2020

by Herb DeMars


Compulsory isolation measures to those entering the country will be implemented by health order, these will be implemented today.
• Suspension of schools across the country will not affect food services to protect vulnerable populations.
• Care networks remain open to ensure that female heads of household mothers to continue working.
March 16, 2020  The country maintains state of yellow alert, to better address the situation, and issued an emergency decree to empower the government to take action on a possible state of emergency and necessity caused by the disease COVID-19. This allows to take budgetary and administrative measures to continue services and avoid the shutdown.
The Government of the Republic adopts the following measures:
• Suspend lessons in public and private schools, from March 17 to April 12. To re-start classes on April 13.
• The school calendar is extended to December 23.
• Care networks remain open to ensure that mothers who are heads of household to keep working and keep older adults assume the care of children. Attendance of children is at the discretion of managers.
• As of Wednesday, March 18 from 23:59 until 23:59 to Sunday, 12 April 2020 only Costa Rican and residents will be allowed to enter the country by sea, air and land.
• In addition, Costa Ricans and residents who enter will have to make a mandatory administrative segregation for 14 days, instructed by health order delivered by immigration officers who were authorized as health authority.
It is recommended that working people in teleworkable positions remain in their homes and those with risk factors take the necessary actions to not be exposed to contact with other people.
Also, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas reiterated the need to cancel all possible travel outside the country, especially if they had a scheduled trip during Easter week. “The implemented actions require the commitment of each and everyone to not travel out of the country as far as possible, and stay at home” .
As of March 18th, data recorded 69 confirmed cases of COVID-19,  and one death.  None of the confirmed cases are in the Papagayo region as of March 18th.
We will continue to keep you informed as we receive more information.
Please follow the guidelines and stay safe.

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