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Just 4 kilometers from the center of Playas del Coco via a winding paved road, probably originally an ox cart trail, you will find beautiful Playa Ocotal. As with all the beaches in our Gold Coast area, this beach has spectacular views from the surrounding hillsides. Playa Ocotal is a black sand beach but the smaller bay protects the beach from riptides or undertows. When you first see the black sand beach you will be sure there was an oil spill in the area but fear not! The black sand is just another Costa Rica attraction. Watch out on hot summer days as the black sand can get very hot and burn your feet. The pristine bay is a beautiful place for snorkeling due to the rocky shoreline. The locals, both expats and Costa Ricans, love the snorkeling here plus fishing from the shoreline. Be sure to watch the locals roping fish! They have a beer or pop can with fishing line looped around the can. The locals will run along the beach with the fishing line, swinging the line and hook like a lasso. They throw the line into the water and, believe it or not, they do catch fish with the hook or lure, whether it is bated or not. We have seen them catch more fish than the expats with all the fancy shore fishing equipment. Local knowledge I guess. The beach is smaller than Coco or Hermosa which makes for a more intimate setting. Father Rooster’s, the only bar/restaurant in Ocotal, is right on the beach. Their margaritas are famous and their food is excellent. So if you go exploring be sure to stop in at Father Rooster’s for a cold cerveza or margarita along with a cheese burger in paradise.

Playa Ocotal is home to a plethora of beautiful ocean view homes with some of the best views in the area. Playa Ocotal has condos and villas on the beach with prices for every budget. A nice selection of lower priced condos is located just about 1 kilometer from the beach - an easy drive or golf cart ride but a bit of a long walk on a hot day.

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